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Sunday, 17 September 2017

Understanding The Affiliate Vocabularies

Have you ever tried to assimilate all the jargon that is written on all the websites all over the world wide web? And needless to say that most of the posted articles have repetitive words or keywords used to optimize the web pages. I have included some Internet words or affiliate vocabulary that might interest you...

Affiliate Vocabulary

Affiliate: An individual who contracts with a merchant in order to help sell that merchant’s product. The product may be anything someone will pay for, whether tangible (such as clothing), virtual (such as electronic books or downloadable software), or information (such as expert advice).

  1. Associate: Another word for an affiliate.
  2. Merchant: An individual or business who has a product and, in this case, uses affiliate programs to sell this product. Usually, the merchant takes all responsibility for recording leads and orders, and for storing and delivering the product to the customer.
  3. Power Affiliate: A term used to loosely define a successful affiliate. Often, people have a monetary figure in their heads (usually less than what they are making themselves) to determine "power affiliate" status. Power is relative and can be equated in terms of revenue, influence, and good will.
  4. Testimonial: A written statement of support, preferably from a respected individual or company. Use of testimonials in advertising can greatly enhance sales.
  5. Traffic: The number of times your webpage is visited. This may be from several "unique" visitors, or from a few loyal fans.
  6. Link theft: Is been known that there are internet thief that replace their Ids with those of other affiliates in order to steal the commissions from that particular sale.
  7. Link Cloacker: A measure to avoid stolen affiliate commissions.

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